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Article: Staying on the grind in music and film with Tye Banks | Author: webmaster
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While production on the indie film "Ca$h Money" has stalled, that hasn't stopped Tye from adding to his acting repetoire. You'll be able to check him out in the forthcoming feature "Bolden!", starring Anthony Mackie, Omar Gooding, Robert Ri'chard, and Wendell Pierce. A biographical account of unsung jazz legend Buddy Bolden, Tye was on set in April for two different scenes. The film is still in production and is expected to be released sometime next year.

Also watch for the newest film from Shadowdog Productions "The Passion of the Nerds" which wrapped in May, where Tye is featured as a student at nerd school (definitely a stretch!) This comedy spec film directed by John Foutz stars some of Tye's acting cohorts - Millard Darden, Danielle Motley, Leah Marie Parker, and Daisy Faith. This project is being pitched to CMT.

In June, Tye will star in an industrial training film for Fidelity Investments, and possibly film his scenes as Uzoma in "PCP...A Vanguard Chronicle".

Ghetto Gold continues to create buzz on the street and the Internet as Tye continues to expand creatively into other genres. He just released the NEW hit collaborative single "Tropical Grind" featuring BLP and Sikora. BLP adds his multivoice talent and energy to the track, while Sikora's smooth vocals push the song to party pandemonium! This song is a Hip Hop/Reggeaton mix that has the internet buzzing with excitement!

>> Download "Tropical Grind" now!  (Updated: Music downloads available in the Music section)

Tye has also just completed another collaboration entitled "Dirty Shades" by Funk-sensation Highly Explosive. Produced by ReelTime, "Dirty Shades" is already becoming an internet favorite, earning high praises from music bloggers. Be sure to check out Highly Exposive's AcidPlanet page for more funky tracks!

>> Download "Dirty Shades" here or at Highly Explosive's page. (Updated: Music downloads available in the Music section)

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