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Hit A Lick movie teaser
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 11/21/12 20:14:37 | Tag: Movies

Here's the teaser for our feature film "HIT A LICK" 

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Hit a Lick Editing
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 10/04/12 20:12:05 | Tag: Movies
tyebanks Hit a Lick Editing

Well I'll be back in the studio next week working on the sound design for my film Hit a Lick (http://www.HitALickMovie.com). This stuff is a lot harder then making music but I love it nevertheless.

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Hit A Lick Movie
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 08/22/12 12:13:27 | Tag: Movie
tyebanks Hit A Lick Movie

Working on our film "Hit A Lick" we're in post production. I'm very excited about this film. It's a positive flim that's tells it like it is... Straight to the point


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"Scream Cacklack" and Carolina Rollergirls!
Member: Tytanium Music | Posted:05/17/12 20:19:20 Tag: Blog
admin It seems the Carolina Rollergirls roller derby organization has taking a liking to "Scream Cackalack". We shouldn't be surprised though; Tye's song is energetic, hard-hitting, and full of Raleigh-Durham pride. And so are the Carolina Rollergirls.

This Saturday at 8PM Tye will open up for the CRG All-Stars in their final bout (that's what match ups are called in roller derby lingo) against the Blue Ridge All-Stars at this year's "Got to Be NC" Roller Derby Expo. We plan to shoot some footage of the performance and the bout for the "Scream Cackalack" remix video. Plus we're giving away copies of the "Living a Dream" CD. So come on out and wear your black and red to cheer on CRG!

Tickets are $10 for 6 family-friendly bouts - all day beginning at 10AM at Dorton Arena (NC State Fairgrounds) in Raleigh.

Tickets are available through eTix

Learn more about the Carolina Rollergirls at CarolinaRollergirls.com
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Pic of the week
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 04/27/12 09:22:46 | Tag: Sports
tyebanks Pic of the week

This is the picture of the week for me. Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield after all of that and they're still friends.  

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Movie Trailer for "Last Call of Duty"
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 02/26/12 12:59:17 | Tag: Movies

Here's the movie trailer for "Last Call of Duty" I play officer Scott (rookie cop) on his first day. The film was shoot in Charlotte, NC 

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"Last Call of Duty" on Fox News
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 11/15/11 17:03:16 | Tag: Movies

The film I'm in "Last Call of Duty" made it on Fox News in Charlotte. Here's the link to segment: http://tinyurl.com/83sugkn. I play Officer Scott.

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Last Call of Duty
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 10/11/11 19:56:12 | Tag: Movie
tyebanks Last Call of Duty

I was just cast as officer Scott in the new film "Last Call of Duty" Please like the FaceBook page for the film. http://tinyurl.com/3crsacr



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10 Questions for Hit A Lick's Tye Banks
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 09/06/11 21:11:32 | Tag: Movie
tyebanks 10 Questions for Hit A Lick's Tye Banks

Here's my 1st interview on our feature film "Hit A Lick!" 




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Are you connected?
Member: Tytanium Music | Posted:07/07/11 22:24:22 Tag: Blog
admin Stay connected!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialtyebanks
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tyebanks
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