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The Mixtape Monster Review: Living A Dream
Member: Tytanium Music | Posted:09/16/09 18:42:36 Tag: Blog
admin The Mixtape Monster Blog took some time out recently to review Living A Dream. Check it out for yourself @:


and be sure to let the good people at The Mixtape Monster Blog know what you think. They have other album reviews and interviews as well, not to mention some cool "top 10" lists.

All we've got to say is thanks for the love!!
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Are you connected?
Member: Tytanium Music | Posted:07/07/11 22:24:22 Tag: Blog
admin Stay connected!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/officialtyebanks
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tyebanks
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Fan Mail: One Reason Why I Rap
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 01/26/10 18:31:05 | Tag: Kids

Surprisingly a couple of weeks ago I got a letter from someone about my music. I'll just let you read it...

Hi Tye. My son is digging your song, "I'm still cool." He is basically that lil boy in the beginning of the video. The one kid that took up for him - just like in the video - moved away on November 5th (the same day we had the massacre down here at Fort Hood - it was all over the news)...

You know its not cool for a little Black Boy to be so smart, get straight A's, play Chess, Study Science, etc. Since he isnt sagging his pants, trying to do the latest dance and he is avoiding joining the gangs they give him a hard time. My son identifies with your song and video. He just asked me to get the cd so he could listen to it over and over and over.... etc. You get the picture...

I wanted to know if you could autograph something for him and put some encouraging words on it for him. We are military and his dad is gone again. I would greatly appreciate it if you would do this for me. I can save you the shipping & handling. I am from Raleigh so my dad can meet you somewhere and mail it to me. Just let me know.

Thank You.


This is the type of letter that lets me know that I'm doing the right thing!  It's good to know that my music is really helping kids out there.

Sidenote: Also I have a interview coming up this Thursday 1-28-10 with Mr. Carr on blog Talk Radio @ 9pm


We're going to talk about some real issues so come check it out!

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"Last Call of Duty" on Fox News
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 11/15/11 17:03:16 | Tag: Movies

The film I'm in "Last Call of Duty" made it on Fox News in Charlotte. Here's the link to segment: http://tinyurl.com/83sugkn. I play Officer Scott.

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Welcome to the New TyeBanks.com!
Member: Tytanium Music | Posted:06/20/09 15:33:37 Tag: Blog
admin Welcome to the new TyeBanks.com

Thanks for taking the time to check out Tye's new website! As you can see, version 2.0 of the site has many more features than the original, so feel free to take your time and check out the new features.

- The TyeBanks.com Support Team
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Lawsuit Update
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 12/20/10 21:24:16 | Tag: Comedy

I'm happy to announce that the Carolina Hurricanes and I have reached an agreement that I'm satisfied with. Nothing but love for everyone who supported me and understood why I had to stand up for myself and for what's right. But right now I'm about to watch Family Guy LOL

Thanks again.


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Pic of the week
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 04/27/12 09:22:46 | Tag: Sports
tyebanks Pic of the week

This is the picture of the week for me. Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield after all of that and they're still friends.  

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At The Mall
Member: (Tye Banks) | Posted: 06/07/09 22:03:32 | Tag: default

Alright I was at the mall yesterday with my cousin promoting my new album Living A Dream by handing out free song cards for the song “Stop Hiding” featuring Sikora. So I was handing out my promotional stuff and talking with different people and we bumped into this guy selling his CD. Home boy had a good pitch for his music (I’ll get it) plus the cd looked OK. It wasn’t shrink-wrapped or anything but it looked cool. So my cousin bought homie’s CD (we gotta support local artists - why not?) He thanked my cousin and asked who we were and all and said he wanted to hit us up. After we finished talking to homie we keep rolling through the mall.


So we hung out at the mall for a couple more minutes and then headed to the car. We get back to the car and popped in home boy’s CD and guess what? That damn CD didn’t even work. It keep saying error.. error…error 

Man how you going to sell something that don’t even work? 1st thing my cousin said was:

“That’s why I like your CD, you made sure everything was legit. It’s shrink-wrapped, got a video on it, barcode on it, professionally mastered, sounds hot and got nice art work. Now I ain’t buying s--- from that dude again he sucks!” 

We saw something else crazy in the mall when we went to the food court. I noticed this dude and this girl talking and their conversation went like this.

Dude: “Shut up b----! What you doing later on?”

Girl: “I ain’t doing s-- just hanging out.”

Dude: “That’s because yall b----- broke..” ha ha ha

Girl: “Whatever” blah blah blah blah  

I was thinking to myself did he just call her a b----? Boy how the times have changed. You couldn’t call a girl a b---- back in the day but I guess it’s cool now for some people.  But I wonder why she didn’t mind him calling her a b----.  Because she didn’t say anything nor did her friends. 

Why do you think she didn’t say anything or at least stop talking to him?

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Stephon Marbury eating Vaseline?
Member: (Tye Banks) | Posted: 08/04/09 21:38:59 | Tag: Sports

By now I’m sure yall have seen the video of Stephon Marbury (Boston Celtics' point guard) and his emotional break down. Well if you haven’t seen it here’s it is

Well here’s the thing. Marbury has been doing some crazy things lately including eating vasline.

So when does Marbury’s actions turn into someone needing help? I’ve heard some people say Step just needs a preacher to talk to. That kind of surprised me but at the same time it didn’t. I personally think the dude needs to see a therapist on a regular basis.

Now before people think I’m knocking down preachers, I’m not. I just think he might need some professional help as well. Too many Black men refuse to seek professional help because of tradition and a lack of information. And I guess it’s because when people are facing adversity they are more vulnerable so they stick with what they know.  

For instance, this guy I grew up with wasn’t the smartest guy in the world. This dude did things that would make anyone scratch their heads, from stealing cars to selling to food stamp cards. This dude dropped out of high school in the 9th grade and basically worked as a janitor (cleaning up buildings) in downtown Raleigh at night. Well it surprised me to find out that he was now a preacher in Va. The first thing I thought was who in the hell is listening to him? I’ve seen him since then and he really hasn’t changed except he has that title. What qualifies him to counsel people about their troubles? I just can’t imagine someone pouring out their heart to him and taking his advice.

So this got me thinking even more. How many preachers out there are like him and how many African American men need to see a therapist?

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8/26 Rescheduled - 11/18 New Date
Member: (Tye Banks) | Posted: 08/12/09 11:45:00 | Tag: Music

The show scheduled for 8/26 has been rescheduled for Nov. 18.

More details are on the Events page.

Show starts at 8pm

Admission is $4

Durham, North Carolina 27701

If you want to see how I get down check the video. I'll see you there!

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