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Machete, Resident Evil Afterlife
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 09/15/10 22:44:19 | Tag: Movies

Man I saw 2 good movies in the past couple of weeks Machete and Resident Evil Afterlife. Machete is crazy lol!

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Man's house burns down while fire dept watched!
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 10/06/10 18:28:51 | Tag: News

Man this got to be one of the craziest stories I've herd this week. This man house burned down while the fire dept watched because he didn't pay a $75.00 fire fee. But what was crazy is his neighbors got up $5,000 but the mayor still refused. He had 3 dogs in the house and a cat. Plus his grand children witness the fire as their dogs and cat cried out.

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New "FRIDAY" Movie
Member: (Tye Banks) | Posted: 08/18/10 17:34:21 | Tag: Comedy

Ice Cube says he wants Chris Tucker for New "FRIDAY" Movie. I say it's about time. Here's a clip from the orginal "FRIDAY"


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Toy of the year
Member: (Tye Banks) | Posted: 12/07/09 20:14:39 | Tag: Shopping

So the hot toy this year is a Zhu-Zhu (fake hamster)?
Not being funny but I could make one of those with a pair of socks and a hot wheel car. Even name it a TyZhu.

I can't help but wonder, what would happen if you gave your kid a real hamster?

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Stephon Marbury eating Vaseline?
Member: (Tye Banks) | Posted: 08/04/09 21:38:59 | Tag: Sports

By now I’m sure yall have seen the video of Stephon Marbury (Boston Celtics' point guard) and his emotional break down. Well if you haven’t seen it here’s it is

Well here’s the thing. Marbury has been doing some crazy things lately including eating vasline.

So when does Marbury’s actions turn into someone needing help? I’ve heard some people say Step just needs a preacher to talk to. That kind of surprised me but at the same time it didn’t. I personally think the dude needs to see a therapist on a regular basis.

Now before people think I’m knocking down preachers, I’m not. I just think he might need some professional help as well. Too many Black men refuse to seek professional help because of tradition and a lack of information. And I guess it’s because when people are facing adversity they are more vulnerable so they stick with what they know.  

For instance, this guy I grew up with wasn’t the smartest guy in the world. This dude did things that would make anyone scratch their heads, from stealing cars to selling to food stamp cards. This dude dropped out of high school in the 9th grade and basically worked as a janitor (cleaning up buildings) in downtown Raleigh at night. Well it surprised me to find out that he was now a preacher in Va. The first thing I thought was who in the hell is listening to him? I’ve seen him since then and he really hasn’t changed except he has that title. What qualifies him to counsel people about their troubles? I just can’t imagine someone pouring out their heart to him and taking his advice.

So this got me thinking even more. How many preachers out there are like him and how many African American men need to see a therapist?

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Beats and Mics
Member: (Tye Banks) | Posted: 12/12/09 20:26:59 | Tag: Interview

It was a pleasure to do this interview with Beats and Mics


I'm just trying to keep it 100% in this interview. I hope you enjoy it.

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Are Mixtape hurting hip hop?
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 11/18/10 20:02:06 | Tag: Mixtapes,B.O.B,T.J'sDjs,coast2coast,DatPiff


Are Mixtapes hurting hip hop?

OK let me put it out there so this is clear: I like mixtapes and I understand their purpose. But there are too many damn artists focusing on making mixtapes (to see what I mean look at DatPiff.com or Coast2Coastmixtapes.com) and not original music. If I hear another rapper talking about “Check out my mixtape” I'm going to scream. I'm not sure why rappers continue to do mixtapes unless they're trying to get a record deal (which is ****-backwards these days) or just trying to give away music that people have already heard. I know some people will argue it's a great promotional tool, but how can it be when everybody is doing it?

I bumped into T.J. (of T.J.'s DJs and B.O.B's manager) in Atlanta a few years ago. He was coming out of a session at the Atlantis Music Conference. In the session, T.J. asked “How can you mess up a mixtape when the beats are already hits?” Good point. So where's the creativity in mixtapes? If you're not adding original music to the mixtapes, I don't see it. 

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"I'm Still Cool" Video to Headline Pandora Video Series
Member: Tytanium Music | Posted:08/20/09 00:41:00 Tag: Blog
admin The music video will have the prime spot on the leading online radio station's new video series on Aug. 24th.

The Pandora Video Series can be accessed at http://blog.pandora.com/show/

The music video for the lead single "I'm Still Cool" from Tye Banks' album Living A Dream has been selected as the main feature on the Pandora Video Series for Monday, August 24th. With a growing user base of nearly 30 million registered listeners, Pandora is the largest online music site based on monthly unique visitors. The Pandora Video Series features music videos, videos about making music, and concert footage from artists of all genres.

"I'm really honored to have the "I'm Still Cool" video selected for a featured spot on Pandora," stated Banks. "I was excited when they included Living A Dream in the Music Genome Project so to have my music video picked up too is just real big, especially as an independent artist."

The Pandora Video Series can be accessed at http://blog.pandora.com/show/
After August 24th, the music video will be available on Pandora at http://blog.pandora.com/archives/show/2009/08/tye_banks_im_st.html
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"Scream Cacklack" and Carolina Rollergirls!
Member: Tytanium Music | Posted:05/17/12 20:19:20 Tag: Blog
admin It seems the Carolina Rollergirls roller derby organization has taking a liking to "Scream Cackalack". We shouldn't be surprised though; Tye's song is energetic, hard-hitting, and full of Raleigh-Durham pride. And so are the Carolina Rollergirls.

This Saturday at 8PM Tye will open up for the CRG All-Stars in their final bout (that's what match ups are called in roller derby lingo) against the Blue Ridge All-Stars at this year's "Got to Be NC" Roller Derby Expo. We plan to shoot some footage of the performance and the bout for the "Scream Cackalack" remix video. Plus we're giving away copies of the "Living a Dream" CD. So come on out and wear your black and red to cheer on CRG!

Tickets are $10 for 6 family-friendly bouts - all day beginning at 10AM at Dorton Arena (NC State Fairgrounds) in Raleigh.

Tickets are available through eTix

Learn more about the Carolina Rollergirls at CarolinaRollergirls.com
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"Last Call of Duty" on Fox News
Member: (tyebanks) | Posted: 11/15/11 17:03:16 | Tag: Movies

The film I'm in "Last Call of Duty" made it on Fox News in Charlotte. Here's the link to segment: http://tinyurl.com/83sugkn. I play Officer Scott.

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