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ARTIST | Tye Banks

Hit A Lick movie teaser

Posted: 11/21/12 19:14:37 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movies

Here's the teaser for our feature film "HIT A LICK" 

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Hit a Lick Editing

Posted: 10/04/12 19:12:05 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movies
Hit a Lick Editing

Well I'll be back in the studio next week working on the sound design for my film Hit a Lick (http://www.HitALickMovie.com). This stuff is a lot harder then making music but I love it nevertheless.

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Hit A Lick Movie

Posted: 08/22/12 11:13:27 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movie
Hit A Lick Movie

Working on our film "Hit A Lick" we're in post production. I'm very excited about this film. It's a positive flim that's tells it like it is... Straight to the point


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Pic of the week

Posted: 04/27/12 08:22:46 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Sports
Pic of the week

This is the picture of the week for me. Mike Tyson Evander Holyfield after all of that and they're still friends.  

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Movie Trailer for "Last Call of Duty"

Posted: 02/26/12 11:59:17 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movies

Here's the movie trailer for "Last Call of Duty" I play officer Scott (rookie cop) on his first day. The film was shoot in Charlotte, NC 

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"Last Call of Duty" on Fox News

Posted: 11/15/11 16:03:16 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movies

The film I'm in "Last Call of Duty" made it on Fox News in Charlotte. Here's the link to segment: http://tinyurl.com/83sugkn. I play Officer Scott.

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Last Call of Duty

Posted: 10/11/11 18:56:12 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movie
Last Call of Duty

I was just cast as officer Scott in the new film "Last Call of Duty" Please like the FaceBook page for the film. http://tinyurl.com/3crsacr



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10 Questions for Hit A Lick's Tye Banks

Posted: 09/06/11 20:11:32 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movie
10 Questions for Hit A Lick's Tye Banks

Here's my 1st interview on our feature film "Hit A Lick!" 




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Posted: 06/13/11 17:25:45 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Comedy

We finished filming everything now we're in post production. Our feature film stars Luray Cooper from HBO hit series "The Wire!" Oh yeah he can play ball too that's how we met lol. Here's our IMDB page it's official. 


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Hit A Lick

Posted: 05/28/11 18:20:50 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movie

Here's a link to the new movie I've been working on. I co-wrote, produced and I'm directing this film. It's called "Hit A Lick"


"Hit A Lick" An ex-con hired to manage his nephew's fledgling hip-hop career is caught between working for and taking down the neighborhood's crime boss..



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GE Commercial

Posted: 01/14/11 18:20:31 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Comedy
Here's a GE commercial I'm in it's running on major networks day and night. It also might run during the SUPER BOWL..You can see me around 9-10 sec of it. I'm the 6 person with bennie and goggles. Plus I went the WRONG DIRECTION ha ha ha

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Lawsuit Update

Posted: 12/20/10 20:24:16 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Comedy

I'm happy to announce that the Carolina Hurricanes and I have reached an agreement that I'm satisfied with. Nothing but love for everyone who supported me and understood why I had to stand up for myself and for what's right. But right now I'm about to watch Family Guy LOL

Thanks again.


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Are Mixtape hurting hip hop?

Posted: 11/18/10 19:02:06 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Mixtapes,B.O.B,T.J'sDjs,coast2coast,DatPiff


Are Mixtapes hurting hip hop?

OK let me put it out there so this is clear: I like mixtapes and I understand their purpose. But there are too many damn artists focusing on making mixtapes (to see what I mean look at DatPiff.com or Coast2Coastmixtapes.com) and not original music. If I hear another rapper talking about “Check out my mixtape” I'm going to scream. I'm not sure why rappers continue to do mixtapes unless they're trying to get a record deal (which is ****-backwards these days) or just trying to give away music that people have already heard. I know some people will argue it's a great promotional tool, but how can it be when everybody is doing it?

I bumped into T.J. (of T.J.'s DJs and B.O.B's manager) in Atlanta a few years ago. He was coming out of a session at the Atlantis Music Conference. In the session, T.J. asked “How can you mess up a mixtape when the beats are already hits?” Good point. So where's the creativity in mixtapes? If you're not adding original music to the mixtapes, I don't see it. 

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Posted: 10/12/10 21:37:46 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Music, TV, Celebrities

The BET awards just went off and all I can say is: "Somebody please fix the BET sound system!" Man every year they have something going on - last year it was the bleeping out of words. Now artists rapping over their soundtrack but the music is so low you can barely hear it!

Also do you think Diggy is writing his rhymes or is it his Rock 'N Roll Hall of Fame father Rev Run from Run DMC writing them? One more thing a cypher is suppose to be a freestyle (off the head) not a written verse from a song!



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Man's house burns down while fire dept watched!

Posted: 10/06/10 17:28:51 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: News

Man this got to be one of the craziest stories I've herd this week. This man house burned down while the fire dept watched because he didn't pay a $75.00 fire fee. But what was crazy is his neighbors got up $5,000 but the mayor still refused. He had 3 dogs in the house and a cat. Plus his grand children witness the fire as their dogs and cat cried out.

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Machete, Resident Evil Afterlife

Posted: 09/15/10 21:44:19 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Movies

Man I saw 2 good movies in the past couple of weeks Machete and Resident Evil Afterlife. Machete is crazy lol!

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New "FRIDAY" Movie

Posted: 08/18/10 16:34:21 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Comedy

Ice Cube says he wants Chris Tucker for New "FRIDAY" Movie. I say it's about time. Here's a clip from the orginal "FRIDAY"


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LA Laker picture

Posted: 07/01/10 19:06:32 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: LA Lakers shirt

As painful as this is... Here it goes!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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My Lakers fan Challenge

Posted: 06/10/10 22:26:42 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Lakers,Boston Celtics

My challenge to any Lakers fan: If the Lakers win I'll BUY and wear a Laker shirt. If the Celtics win you have to put 'TYE BANKS was right' in your facebook, twitter, or Myspace status status for the whole day!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Marriage with a prenup or not?

Posted: 05/25/10 13:28:56 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Marriage, Nas, Kelis, prenump

Marriage with a prenup or not?  

This week Nas and Kelis’ divorce was finalized. Kelis filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. And the homie Nas accused Kelis of preventing him from seeing the birth of their son Knight.

Nas was also ordered to pay over $87,000 in back spousal and child support, and $10,000 a month going forward. So here’s the thing: if Nas would have asked Kelis for a prenuptial agreement would their marriage ever have come to this point?

People seem to view rappers in two ways - paid or broke! (There really isn’t an in between, but that discussion is for another day). Now you can argue most rappers don’t even get married but look at how much Diddy aka Puffy aka Puffy Daddy had to pay a woman he wasn’t even married to (http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,623205,00.html). $4.5 million and that was back in 2001.  

Now I’ve heard people say that Nas was stupid for not getting a prenup but I know many guys who have gotten married without prenups but no one calls them stupid.

Would you marry someone who asked for a prenup?  

(And if you don’t know the definition of a prenup here it is ha ha)

d without prenups but no one calls them stupid. Would you marry someone who asked for a prenup? (And if you don’t know the definition of a prenup here it is ha ha)


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Reality TV (Hammer Time Show)

Posted: 04/11/10 19:34:52 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Reality TV

Do you watch reality TV? I don’t watch too much of it except for “Biggest Loser” “Celebrity Fit Club”, “Flavor of Love”, “For the Love of Ray J”, “Real House Wives of Atlanta”…alright I watch it sometimes lol. But my favorite reality show of all time has to be “Hammer Time.” It was a really good show so why did it go off the air?


Well I was watching Snoop Dogg on Larry King one night and Larry asked Snoop why he thought his show got canceled. Snoop said he believed his show was too positive. I think the same thing happened with ‘Hammer Time”.

I think some people wanted to see Hammer suffering and struggling, maybe even getting into arguments with his wife. You know - drama. But instead we got to see a loving, balanced family that enjoyed each other’s company. All I’m saying is that I miss the show and I hope that A&E brings it back. Here’s a short clip of Hammer talking about the show.

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My Take on NC Hip Hop, Carolina Hurricanes Lawsuit

Posted: 02/18/10 17:39:29 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Interview

Here's an interview I did recently where I speak about <i>Living a Dream</>, the North Carolina hip hop music scene, and the Carolina Hurricanes' lawsuit against me. These are my first public comments regarding the lawsuit:


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The Short Film I'm in "One Step Ahead"

Posted: 02/08/10 21:01:33 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Comedy

I recently got the chance to be in a cool short film -- "One Step Ahead"

Check it out folks.

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Fan Mail: One Reason Why I Rap

Posted: 01/26/10 17:31:05 | Member: (tyebanks) | Tag: Kids

Surprisingly a couple of weeks ago I got a letter from someone about my music. I'll just let you read it...

Hi Tye. My son is digging your song, "I'm still cool." He is basically that lil boy in the beginning of the video. The one kid that took up for him - just like in the video - moved away on November 5th (the same day we had the massacre down here at Fort Hood - it was all over the news)...

You know its not cool for a little Black Boy to be so smart, get straight A's, play Chess, Study Science, etc. Since he isnt sagging his pants, trying to do the latest dance and he is avoiding joining the gangs they give him a hard time. My son identifies with your song and video. He just asked me to get the cd so he could listen to it over and over and over.... etc. You get the picture...

I wanted to know if you could autograph something for him and put some encouraging words on it for him. We are military and his dad is gone again. I would greatly appreciate it if you would do this for me. I can save you the shipping & handling. I am from Raleigh so my dad can meet you somewhere and mail it to me. Just let me know.

Thank You.


This is the type of letter that lets me know that I'm doing the right thing!  It's good to know that my music is really helping kids out there.

Sidenote: Also I have a interview coming up this Thursday 1-28-10 with Mr. Carr on blog Talk Radio @ 9pm


We're going to talk about some real issues so come check it out!

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Haiti and Wyclef Jean

Posted: 01/17/10 12:27:43 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Music

Recently Wyclef Jean of "The Fugees" is being accused of stealing money through his organization Yele Haiti. First and formost, I can't even believe this. Wyclef has been doing stuff for the people of Haiti way before this horrific earth quake, so these accusations are totally out of his character.

But I'll let you hear it from him yourself.

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Beats and Mics

Posted: 12/12/09 19:26:59 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Interview

It was a pleasure to do this interview with Beats and Mics


I'm just trying to keep it 100% in this interview. I hope you enjoy it.

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Toy of the year

Posted: 12/07/09 19:14:39 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Shopping

So the hot toy this year is a Zhu-Zhu (fake hamster)?
Not being funny but I could make one of those with a pair of socks and a hot wheel car. Even name it a TyZhu.

I can't help but wonder, what would happen if you gave your kid a real hamster?

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Before you judge Katt Williams watch this

Posted: 11/12/09 14:59:08 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Comedy

Before you judge Katt Williams you might want to watch this video.

Explicit lanuage Parental Gudience is recommended


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Why you should have been there!

Posted: 10/18/09 15:51:25 | Member: (admin) | Tag: default

Man I did a show last night for a great cause.

It was for M.o.M.S (Missing or Murdered Sisters)! If you have never heard of this organization, it’s the organization raising awareness about the unsolved murders of 6 Rocky Mount women and 3 who have gone missing since 2005.

Some people believe a serial killer is doing these murders; I’m not qualified to say one way or another. I just know that some innocent women have lost their lives.

It was extremely touching to see the some of the victims’ families there and expressing their appreciation for acknowledging their lost family members. I have to say, that’s when I really realized those women were sisters, cousins, daughters, and mothers, and their unsolved cases deserved more attention then what they had been receiving.  

It was really cool to see all the hip hop groups come out in support of this cause. Hip Hop was born of positivity and I felt honored to be a part of that last night. Also all the artist that performed last night made a donation to the organization. Who says hip hop can’t do positive things?


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Show @ The Brewery - Oct. 11

Posted: 10/11/09 12:23:14 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Music

Show starts at 5pm

Admission is $8/$10 if under 21

3009 Hillsborough St.
Raleigh, NC 27607

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How do you deal with HATERS?

Posted: 09/20/09 19:24:03 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Haters

There's a couple of people I know who just don't get it. I've been doing music and acting for a while now and it never ceases to amaze me. No matter what level your on some people have something to say or their actions speak louder then they do.

Well here's what's up. If you don't know. I'm the rapper getting sued by the Carolina Hurricanes (Google Tye Banks). I can't get into details because of the legal stuff but I'm the rapper. Well some people are actually happy I'm getting sued. And I think it's because they feel like I'm getting out of pocket in their minds by taking the music and acting seriously.

They just want me to be happy doing nothing. But I can't. It's just not in me to just sit around and wait for something to come to me. Or make excuses on why I didn't do this or that. That's just not me.

So have yall dealt with people like this before, are you still cool with them or did you give them the boot?

And with that being said here's my latest interview with Mixtape Monster blog. Click Here or click the link below


Shout out to Mixtape Monster blog for the interview.

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Baller on a budget Part 2

Posted: 08/27/09 22:00:31 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Money

Alright today I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple of things and I found myself purchasing store brand items. Now I usually don’t buy store brand items but today I was short on cash (don’t laugh you been there).

Well I decided to get some Kroger light which is a store brand of Crystal light and I have to tell you, I couldn’t tell the difference. And the best thing of it all it was $1.00 cheaper. So I was wondering was that the case with other products too? Or are there certain things that have to have a brand name? Like clothes, peanut butter, TVs, etc.?

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8/26 Rescheduled - 11/18 New Date

Posted: 08/12/09 10:45:00 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Music

The show scheduled for 8/26 has been rescheduled for Nov. 18.

More details are on the Events page.

Show starts at 8pm

Admission is $4

Durham, North Carolina 27701

If you want to see how I get down check the video. I'll see you there!

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Stephon Marbury eating Vaseline?

Posted: 08/04/09 20:38:59 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Sports

By now I’m sure yall have seen the video of Stephon Marbury (Boston Celtics' point guard) and his emotional break down. Well if you haven’t seen it here’s it is

Well here’s the thing. Marbury has been doing some crazy things lately including eating vasline.

So when does Marbury’s actions turn into someone needing help? I’ve heard some people say Step just needs a preacher to talk to. That kind of surprised me but at the same time it didn’t. I personally think the dude needs to see a therapist on a regular basis.

Now before people think I’m knocking down preachers, I’m not. I just think he might need some professional help as well. Too many Black men refuse to seek professional help because of tradition and a lack of information. And I guess it’s because when people are facing adversity they are more vulnerable so they stick with what they know.  

For instance, this guy I grew up with wasn’t the smartest guy in the world. This dude did things that would make anyone scratch their heads, from stealing cars to selling to food stamp cards. This dude dropped out of high school in the 9th grade and basically worked as a janitor (cleaning up buildings) in downtown Raleigh at night. Well it surprised me to find out that he was now a preacher in Va. The first thing I thought was who in the hell is listening to him? I’ve seen him since then and he really hasn’t changed except he has that title. What qualifies him to counsel people about their troubles? I just can’t imagine someone pouring out their heart to him and taking his advice.

So this got me thinking even more. How many preachers out there are like him and how many African American men need to see a therapist?

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Tye Banks live in concert "Good Time"

Posted: 07/20/09 20:14:23 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Music

Check out the new video "Good Time" Live in concert.

Feel free to share it with a friend.

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Captain Fluoride (Candy Head has a Sweet Tooth)

Posted: 07/05/09 21:36:55 | Member: (admin) | Tag: Kids

Captain Fluoride (Something for the kids)

Hey I’ve got a cool cartoon I would like to pass along to you. It’s called “Captain Fluoride”. I was fortunate to work on this cartoon and I think you and your kids will enjoy it. “Captain Fluoride” was created and directed by John Foutz for Foutz Studios. I did the theme song for Candy Head (produced by TinMen) and I play the evil villain Candy Head (I did it without sound effects). Yeah I know I got a candy head anyway so the name fits… lol.

But I really wanted to be apart of this cartoon because it was dedicated to educating underprivileged kids on the importance of going to the dentist. The cartoon is for a very good cause and I hope you enjoy it and share it with your kids. Click below to see the cartoon and remember to brush your teeth! lol 

 Candy Head has a Sweet Tooth

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At The Mall

Posted: 06/07/09 21:03:32 | Member: (admin) | Tag: default

Alright I was at the mall yesterday with my cousin promoting my new album Living A Dream by handing out free song cards for the song “Stop Hiding” featuring Sikora. So I was handing out my promotional stuff and talking with different people and we bumped into this guy selling his CD. Home boy had a good pitch for his music (I’ll get it) plus the cd looked OK. It wasn’t shrink-wrapped or anything but it looked cool. So my cousin bought homie’s CD (we gotta support local artists - why not?) He thanked my cousin and asked who we were and all and said he wanted to hit us up. After we finished talking to homie we keep rolling through the mall.


So we hung out at the mall for a couple more minutes and then headed to the car. We get back to the car and popped in home boy’s CD and guess what? That damn CD didn’t even work. It keep saying error.. error…error 

Man how you going to sell something that don’t even work? 1st thing my cousin said was:

“That’s why I like your CD, you made sure everything was legit. It’s shrink-wrapped, got a video on it, barcode on it, professionally mastered, sounds hot and got nice art work. Now I ain’t buying s--- from that dude again he sucks!” 

We saw something else crazy in the mall when we went to the food court. I noticed this dude and this girl talking and their conversation went like this.

Dude: “Shut up b----! What you doing later on?”

Girl: “I ain’t doing s-- just hanging out.”

Dude: “That’s because yall b----- broke..” ha ha ha

Girl: “Whatever” blah blah blah blah  

I was thinking to myself did he just call her a b----? Boy how the times have changed. You couldn’t call a girl a b---- back in the day but I guess it’s cool now for some people.  But I wonder why she didn’t mind him calling her a b----.  Because she didn’t say anything nor did her friends. 

Why do you think she didn’t say anything or at least stop talking to him?

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I'm Still Cool and you know this!

Posted: 05/26/09 20:56:06 | Member: (admin) | Tag: default

What's up everybody? Just wanted to thank all of you for coming by and checking out my new site and new album Living A Dream.  The lead single is "I'm Still Cool", and the video was directed by Randy Bernard for BackFocus Films (whom I highly recommend for anyone seeking video production!)

I've been getting a great response for the album and would like to invite you to check it out if you haven't already. To hear song snippets just click on Music to go straight to the page.
Also please sign up and leave me a comment on which songs you think I should shoot another video for. Who knows I just might shoot it and give you credit for recommending it. ;-)  And you get a free song just for signing up.


I'm not going to get too wild on this blog yet but best believe I will in the near future. I have to rope you in first. I GOT A LOT THINGS on my mind. 

Also check out the ringtone for "I'm Still Cool" it's really cool.... lol

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